Bakery Products

hleb smlDaily Fresh Bread

White bread T-500 500g
"Kosmaj" bread 450g
Sesame white bread 500g
Half - white bread T-850 500g
Homemade bread 500 g
Homemade seed bread 500g
Somun (type of flatbread)
Pogača "Sunflower" 500g


hrono hleb smlSpecial Bread Types - Packed

Integral bread 400 g
Diet bread "Dijavit" 400 g
Mixed rye bread 400 g
Cut white bread 520g
Bread "Kruna zdravlja" 500 g
Toast bread 400 g
Dark toast bread 400 g
"Putero" toast bread 400 g
Pogača "Flower" 500 g
Chrono bread


kiflice smlPastry

Puff pastry
No - yeast puff pastry
White pastry



krofna smlDonuts

Donuts with jam (60g, 120 g, 240g)
Donuts with vanilla (60g, 120 g, 240g)
Cream donuts (60g, 120 g, 240g)




grixi smlGrixi

Grixi salted sticks - sesame 120 g
Grixi salted sticks - garlic and oregano 120g
Grixi salted sticks- peanuts 120 g
Grixi salted sticks - hot peppers and cracklings 120g
Grixi salted sticks – pizza 120 g


integralni dvopek smlRusk Bread

Wheat rusk 300 g
Rye rusk 300 g
Integral rusk 300 g



domace kore smlFilo Pastry Sheets

Homemade 500 g
Integral 500 g




rolnice smlFrozen Pastry

Pate with cheese 500g
Cheese roll - ups 500g
Cherry rolls 500 g
Mini hot - dogs 500 g
Mini pizza 500 g
All butter croissants 500g
Puff Pastry Blick 500 g
Pizza dough ( pakovanja 200g, 2x200g)

Mill Products

psenicno brasno tip500 smlFlour

Wheat Flour T-400 (1kg, 5kg, 10 kg, 50 kg)
Wheat Flour T-500 ( pakovanja 1 kg, 5kg, 10 kg, 50 kg)
Flour T-850 ( 50 kg)
Flour T-1100 ( 50 kg)
Integral wheat flour ( pakovanje 1 kg, 5 kg, 50 kg)
Rye flour


Griz smlFarina

Farina (200g, 50 kg)






mekinje smlMiller's Bran

Wheat bran (200 g, 50 kg)






prezle smlBread Crumbs

Bread crumbs (200g, 45 kg)

Animal Feed

stocna hrana2

Livestock Feed Raw Material
Corn 45/1 
Mixed groat 25/1
Animal flour 30/1
Milled corn for animal feed 25/1


Farmer's Concentraters for Poultry
PSB1 ROSS Starter 23%
PSB2 ROSS Grover 21%
PSB3 ROSS Finisher 19%
PSB1  COOB Starter 22%
PSB2  COOB Grover 20%
PSB3  COOB Finisher 18%


Livestock Feed Concentrate
Broiler feed concentrates bk-1     10/1 25/1 50/1
Broiler feed concentrates bk-2     10/1 25/1 50/1
Broiler feed concentrates bk-3     10/1 25/1 50/1
Concentrate for layer hens Phase I    10/1
Concentrate for layer hens Phase II   10/1
Concentrate for piglets P-1 (up to15kg)   10/1
Concentrate for piglets P-2 (15-20kg)   10/1
Concentrate for fattening pigs TS-1 (25-60kg)     10/1
Concentrate for fattening pigs TS-2(60-100kg)    10/1
Concentrate for lactation sows                  10/1
Concentrate for dairy cows (for over 20l of mik)   40/1
Concentrate for lambs J-1 up to 15 kg 10/1
Concentrate for lambs J-2 from 15 kg up to 30 kg 10/1